Palm Beach Civic Club

Galveston, Texas

Palm Beach is a small picturesque seaside community located on the west side of the island, centered between Pirates Beach and Pirates Beach West.  Many who have moved or purchased property in this area have done so due to the small and intimate seaside feel offered by this community.  Neighbors are friendly, attentive and willing to get involved to help as was the case subsequent to the aftermath of hurricane Ike in September of 2008.  Now fully recovered, Palm Beach offers a quite uncrowded environment and a nature preserved beach for enjoyment all year around. - Resident

Palm Beach Galveston is a place where we escape from our interrupted lives in the city.  Life at this community is often relaxed, unhurried and features many beautiful and well manicured homes.  It is a very safe place to not only visit but also to live.

- Gina D. frequent visitor