About Palm Beach Galveston,  Texas:  The subdivision was founded in 1950 when it was nothing more than just hunting or duck cabins and the only road to the West End of the Island was Stewart Road.  We only had one bar down on this end back then and it was called Kelly's Cool Spot owned by Ms. Pat Kelly-DeHarde back then.  Also there was not Pirates Beach East or West (as we see it today)-again only hunting cabins.  This might help explain why some of the older homes in the area are so small and different heights.   You can tell the different time frames really by looking at the houses.  With each passing major storm the height regulations on our houses change so that is why we have such a variety of heights in our subdivision.  And then of course progress has made the major changes that we have today. - Melanie Perry

The Palm Beach Civic Club is a non-profit corporation whose members consist of the property owners in the sub division of Palm Beach located on West Galveston between Pirates Beach and Pirates Beach West.  The Palm Beach community includes the streets of Vista, Duncan Way, El Lag, Las Palmas, Miramar, Oleander, Surf and West Beach.  PBCC received the Articles of Incorporation on March 7th, 1960.

Palm Beach Civic Club

Galveston, Texas